Expert Explains Real Reason Why Your Washing Machine’s Last Minute Feels Like Eternity

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The end of a laundry cycle, especially the last 60 seconds, feels like it takes forever. You see that there’s only a minute left, so you decide to stop and wait for the machine to finish its job, only to wait much longer than a minute. Some folks on social media even say their washing machine is messing with their heads, making them doubt how long they’ve been waiting.

Washing Machine Trickery

It turns out that it’s not some weird conspiracy, Vivien Fodor, a laundry category manager for Hotpoint UK, explains. There is a reason washing machines do this, but it’s much less innocent than your machine secretly rejoicing over wasting your time.

The timer, which starts off matching the set time, can be a few minutes off by the end. Even though this difference might be a bit annoying, it’s for a good reason. The mismatch is part of a plan to save energy and money. These eco-friendly machines focus on using resources wisely, whether it’s water, energy, or fabric softener.

Late on Purpose

Washing machines run checks during their cycles to figure out how long they need for filling, washing, and spinning. These adjustments make sure the cycle ends at specific points, sometimes earlier or later than expected. Users usually notice when it takes longer than they thought. The adjustments change depending on the kind of load. Whether it’s heavy stuff like bedding or lighter things, the machine makes sure every cycle finds a good balance between washing well and using resources wisely.

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When a washing machine seems tricky, it is trying to be efficient and save resources. So, while users put up with those extra 60 seconds, they’re seeing technology work hard to make cleaning better for the environment and more efficient.