Become a Better Cook by Adding These Improvements to Salads

Become a Better Cook By Adding These Improvements to Salads

Do you follow any food creators on Instagram or TikTok? Then you’ve undoubtedly seen a video that starts with, “I prepare these salads every day.” What usually follows is a showstopping variety of colors and textures. It’s not just for the camera, either. A really good salad is a combination of flavors and textures. Read on to find out how to bring your salad to the next level.

Better Salads 101: Crunch it Up

Why not add something crunchy to your salads? Those include nuts like toasted hazelnuts, cashew halves, almonds, etc. They will give the salad an additional nutritious boost and some extra heartiness. If you feel particularly adventurous, you can add homemade pecan dukkah inspired by the traditional Middle East blend. This combination adds a whole new textural experience to your salad. Of course, you can toss the nuts in favor of vegetables like cabbage or celery. Another way to step up the way salad tastes in your mouth is to add croutons. Include anything from garlic croutons to blue cheese-seasoned breadcrumbs.

Better Salads 101: Crispy Structures

Isn’t crispy the same as crunchy? Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not. Crispy ingredients are those with a thinner structure. They can shatter easily. Tortilla chips are ideal for salads, as they won’t break as easily as, let’s say, potato chips. You can add fried onions, quinoa, or apples to your salad for an extra crispy experience.

Better Salads 101: Creamy Fantasy

Fire up your salads with a creamy dressing, and enjoy a mouthful of pleasure. Don’t ignore the perks of adding ripe avocados, though, as they’ll add up to a nutritious and healthy meal that’ll keep everyone at the table full for longer. When we talk about creamy touches to the salad, we can’t ignore creamy cheeses like mozzarella, goat cheese, etc. Those provide richness and an additional layer of flavor. For a unique and flavorful twist, fry the cheese in a nonstick pan before adding it to the salad.